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“ This Indian subcontinent beholds world’s oldest civilization that is over 5000 years old named as the Indus valley civilization due to which India endows the most idiosyncratic culture that allures the world with its mystical charm.”

by: Shri.J.P.Verma & Group 44 pax/Panch Jyotirlinga Group-NCR
November 2019
Omprakash ji Good morning. I along with my team pay lot of thanks to you for
organizing such a nice tour.Hope you will do more better in future.
Our blessings are with you..
by:Mr Ashok Tripathi /Panch Jyotirlinga Darshan-New Delhi
Om Prakash Sahab namaskar .
we have completed our tour today with very comfort and ended Pune at late evening due to long
drive . You have provided very nice cab pilot ( Mr Pandey) .with his good drive and support
we have finished our tour very nicely. after dropping us at pune he left for mumbai .thank you .