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India is a home of almost all types of adventure activities. The Sheer varieties ranging from mountaineering, Trekking, Skiing, Rafting, Skating, Water Sports to Aero sports like Hang Gliding, Para Gliding make India one of the most attractive destinations for adventure sports the world over.

  • Rs 10,500
    6 nights & 7 days
    Pindari Glacier Trek in 7 days
    The most beautiful and easily accessible trek route of Kumaon Uttarakhand, leave one breathless en route beautiful Kumaoni village and towns of Bageshwar and Almora. Situated at an height of 3, 353 mts above sea level besides Kafni Glacier which is situated at an height of 3,860 mts above sea level. The Glacier can be accessible within 6-7 days and is much easier than any other trek route of Uttarakhand in terms of opting any other glacier trek....
  • On Request
    9 nights & 10 days
    Top of World Mountain Bike Tour
    The most vibrant and wonderful places of this planet with lofty brown desert mountain dooted with monasteries perched on the hilltops of the mountains. The tour features the most challenging and easy ride on downhill sections where you can wheeze through.You will be riding not less than 12000 feet above sea level crisscrossing many passes and some of the rough terrain having no metaled road though you will be having backup van close to you. ...
  • On Request
    17 nights & 18 days
    Ladakh Overland Motor Bike Tour
    This 18 days Motorbike trip which begins from Kullu Valley tackling an endlessly winding road, crossing three 5,000-meter passes on our way to the old Buddhist kingdom of Ladakh on the banks of the Indus. The traditional way to get up to Ladakh, still mindblowing. The 3 Lakes of Ladakh Motorcycle Tour....
  • On Request
    6 nights & 7 days
    Bir Paragliding
    Paragliding has evolved into a wonderful flying sport all over the world.The convenience and simplicity of Paragliding is unimaginable. It is now possible for a common man to experience the thrill of flying. This sport has international recognition...
  • On Request
    9 nights & 10 days
    The Great Kerala Bicycle Tour
    Bharat Darshan provides the World Class mountain biking amidst some of the world’s highest tea estates equipped with most latest gear you can explore the historical Fort of Cochin or just Relaxing on the deck of a houseboat on the world-renowned Kerala backwaters (with overnight stay included) Stunning scenery, great food and plenty of time to relax and soak up Kerala’s famed charms....
  • Rs 10,000
    5 nights & 6 days
    White Water River Rafting in India
    Rafting or whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity using a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers with the help of professional rafter guide....
  • On Request
    10 nights & 11 days
    Trekking in the Land of Gods- Uttarakhand
    Uttarakhand in Northern India offers the perfect place for trekking both for amateur and professional trekker the Paradise for nature and adventure lovers. People from around the world visit Uttarakhand to do trekking and explore the hidden jewels of Uttarakhand and to walk on the less traveled paths. One can find plenty of route ranging from easy to strenuous path. The best time is from March end to July beginning. ...
  • On Request
    15 nights & 16 days
    The Great Indian Road Safari Tour
    Travelling through the roads of Ladakh & Zansker one requires patience, skill & the presence of mind. This road is among the most treacherous which passes some of the highest passes of the world and hence can be a rewarding journey. This will lead you to New Delhi to the heart of the greater Himalayas. ......
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