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Jaldapara Wildlife, Sunderban Reserve and Teesta Rafting (5 NIGHTS / 6 DAYS)
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Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary: (114 sq km) located near Madarihat (7 kms) is the best known among the wildlife sanctuaries of the Doors region. The sanctuary is famous for one-horned rhinos, elephant safari has the largest population of Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros in the state. The nearby Chilapata Forests is a elephant corridor between Jaldapara and the Buxa Tiger Reserve.  Also close by is the Gorumara National Park, known for its population of Indian Rhinoceros.


The forest is mainly savannah covered with tall elephant grasses. The main attraction of the sanctuary is Asiatic one-horned rhinoceros. The sanctuary holds the maximum number of rhino’s population in India after Kaziranga National Park in Assam. The other animals consists of Royal Bengal Tigers, elephants, deers, sambhar, barking deer, spotted deer and hog deer, wild pig, bisons.


Jaldapara is a paradise for bird watchers. It is one of the very few places in India, where the Bengal Florican is sighted. The other birds to be found here are the Crested Eagle, Pallas's Fish Eagle and Shikra, besides Finn's Weaver, Jungle fowl, peafowl (peacock), partridges, and lesser Pied Hornbill. Python, monitor lizards, kraits, cobras, geckos and about 8 species of fresh water turtles have also found sanctuary here.


Many of the animals are endangered like - the Asiatic one-horned rhino and elephants in Jaldapara sanctuary.



By Road: Jaldapara is connected by road with Darjeeling and Silliguri. It is 707 kms from Kolkata and 122 km from Siliguri.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Madarihat (MG line). But major railway Jn is either Siliguri or New Jaipaiguri.

By Air: The nearest airport is Bagdogra. (Near Siliguri)


 Sunderban is the gifted place of nature’s creation in forest wildlife expansive water surface ad rich biosphere. Sunderban, a WORLD HERITAGE SITE, is the largest delta in the World and is gifted with nature’s bounty of 26000 Sq km water surface, covering an area of 9630 sq km and 102 Islands. Sunderban contains wide variety of flora, mangrove, aqua-fauna, avi –fuana, wildlife, birds, fresh air and vast expanse of water surface. The World conservation Union has categorized the Sunderban National Park as management Category-1 meaning a “strict Nature reserve” of World Heritage Value. Main attractions are –tiger project spread over an area of 2585 sq km. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary covering an area of 362.40 sq km. Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project, Gosaba, MArich-Jhapi, Mayadwip, Kalasdwip Kaikhali, Prentece and Lothian Islands.



By Air: Dum Dum in Kolkata is the nearest Airport located at 131 kms away. Sunderban is accessible only by riverine waterways. The embarkation points from Kolkata are, Namkhana (105 kms), Sonakhali (100 kms), Raidighi (76 kms) Canning (64 kms), Najat (92 kms)

By rail:The nearest railhead is at Canning, 48 kms away.The nearest town is Gosaba, 50 kms away.


Sundarbans is accessible only by riverine waterways. From Kolkata there is suburban train to Canning and road transport to Namkhana, Raidighi, Sonakhali and Najat from where Motor launch services are available for Sundarbans.


Road: Above mentioned embarkation points from Kolkata are: Namkhana (105 km), Sonakhali (100 km), Raidighi (76 km), Canning (64 km), Najat (92 km).


Waterways: Approximate time taken between various points are:


1. From Namkhana - Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project (2.5 hours) Sagar Island (2.5 hours) Jambudwip (3.5 hours)

 2. From Sajnekhali - Sudhanyakhali (40 minutes) Buridabri (Tiger Project Area) (5 hours) Netidhopari (3.5 hours) Holiday Island (3 hours)

 3. From Sonakhali - Gosaba (1 hour)

 4. From Raidighi - Kalas (5 hours)


Time to Visit Sunderban national park:


September to May


Teesta Rafting:


Rafting in Teesta is full of spills and chills. To experience the tempestuous mood of a river as it cascades headlong into the rocks and down a slope is an unforgettable moment. White foam produced from water as it gushes across stones and boulders gives the sport its name.

The White Water Rafting on the river Teesta & Rangeet (Triveni), the scenic beauty of the banks, surrounding hills, its flora & fauna and sighting of several varieties of fishes is simply enchanting. A river trip is often an adventure. An amateur with a little sense of adventure can equally enjoy it.


Action adventure invites adventure loving travellers and enthusiasts at heart, the experience of the thrill of White Water Rafting, the visual treat of the deep rugged foothills, the charms of the Himalayas unfolding its mysteries and the spectacular verdant landscape with sleepy helmets lost to time.



 White Water Rivers (and the rapids on them) have an internationally recognized grading scale. The scales are as follows:-

GRADE 1:-Flat water, no rapids, barely a splash.

GRADE 2:-Bubbling currents, small roller-coaster rapids.

GRADE 3:-Technical and exciting, needs trained guide.

GRADE 4:-Seriously big rapids, unforgiving exhilaration.

GRADE 5:-The hair raising limit.

GRADE 6:-Unrunnable, do not go for it portage around


On Request. Call +919891857585

On Request. Call +919891857585


On Request. Call +919891857585

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