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Chitrakoot,Deogarh and Vindhyachal (5 NIGHTS / 6 DAYS)
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Multi –Faceted destinations a land known to the world as Uttar Pradesh i.e colorful epicenter of the history of India. Its magnificent sights and sounds, temples and monuments, Buddhist, Jain, Hindu, Muslim and Christian, cultural expressions have enchanted the traveler form far and wide.

This ancient land has also many artistic expressions cave art, temple art, Roack art, marbleinlay work of Agra, brassware of Moradabad, woodcraft if Saharanpur, the famed weaves and embroideries of Varanasi, the pottery of Khurja, Chikan Embroidery of Lucknow a visit to UP can also be creative like none other. 


Counted as the 7 most sacred cities of ancient India, is situated on the right bank of the river Saryu, just 7 kms from Faizabad, once the capital of Avadh region.


Ayodhya holds a place of pride among the devotees of Lord Rama, who was a descendant of the Surya  Vansh which is believed to have ben founded by Manu, the lawgiver of the Hindu. According to Artharveda, Ayodhya was built by gods themselves and was as prosperous as paradise. Ayodhya had been the capital of Kosaldesh for centuries ans was ruled by many illustrious kings including Dasharath and Rama under whom the glory of the dynasty reached its zenith. The greatest and the largest epics, the Ramayan and the Shri Ramcharitramanas are the mirror of the glory of Ayodhya.


Places of Interest:

Ramkot: The main place of worship in Ayodhya is the site of the ancient citadel of Ramkot which stands on the elevated ground in the western part of the city. This is the birthplace of Rama.



It is one of the most important temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is approached by 76 steps. This 10th century temple is believed to the place where Lord Hanuman used to live in a cave to guard the town. The temple houses a golden idol of Lord Hanuman.

 The other important among are Kanak Bhawan this beautifully decorated temple was built by the queen of Tikamgarh.



By Air: nearest Airport is at Amausi, Lucknow-134 kms and Babatpur 209 kms.

By Rail: Ayodhya is situated on the broad guage Northern Railway line on Mughal Sarai-Lucknow main route ans is connected with all major cities.

By Road: Well connected by all weathered metal road. Faizabad-7 kms, Allahabad-166 kms, Varanasi-209 kms.




This place is closely being associated with the epic Ramayana Chitrakoot of the hill of wonders is a hallowed centre of pilgrimage. It is believed to be the place where Lord Rama and mother Sita spent 12 years of their exile and where sage Atri and Sati Anasuiya meditated.


Places of Interest:

Kamadgiri: This sacred hills of great religious importance and believed to be the original Chitrakoot. Circumambulating Kamadgiri is the most important ritual for the pilgrimage come here to seek blessings.


Ram Ghat: On the bank of river Mandakani this Ghat is the most frequented one in Chitrakoot. The sun set Aarti performed one in Chitrakoot is particularly worth seeing Raja Matagayendranath Temple, Bharat Temple, Tulsidas Temple, Budey Hanumanji temple are the other attractions here.


Hanuman Dhara: It is one of the most revered places located on a steep hill side is approached by a flight of 360 steps. Here the waters of a natural spring falls on an idol of Lord Hanumanji.


Janki Kund: Is is an unusual cave over the Mandakini river, said to be the place where mother Sita used to bathe.

Sphatik Shila: This picturesque place is marked by two immense rock. It is believed to be the place where Lord Rama and Sita used to sit and watch the beauty of the Chitrakoot’s serene surroundings.

Ramdarshan: Managed by Pandit Deen Dayal Research Institute its is a worth visitng place where different aspects of Lord Rama has been attractively exhibited through the statues.



By Air: Nearest Airport are Bamrauli at Allahabad-145 kms and Khajuraho-185 kms.

Rail: The nearest railway station are Karvi- 8 kms and Banda 70 kms from where trains are available for important cities.



Deogarh, of great antiquarian –epigraphical and archaeological importance, is situated on the right bank of the Betwa river, at the western end of the Lalitpur in a natural forest area.

It remained in glory during the rule of the Guptas, the Gurjara-Pratiharas, the Gondas, the Muslim rulers of Delhi, the Marathas and the British. Here one finds the remains of a magnificent Dashavatar Temple (5th Century) dating back to the Gupta period and several Jain temples. The architecture and sculptures of these temples display a high level of craftsmanship. There are more than 2000 sculptures at one place which is probably nowhere in the world.


Places of Interest:

Dashavatar Temple: This fine temple of Gupta period dedicated to Lord Vishnu is the earliest known Panchayatan temple in North India. The figure of the Ganga and the Yamuna adorn carved doorway leading to the sanctum sanctorum. The carved panels along the side walls depict scene from Vaishnava mythology I’e Gaj-Grah (Gajendra Mokshal Lord ZVishnu on Sheshnag and Nar Narayan. These panel are unique and nowhere in the world


Jain Temple Complex: There are 31 Jain temples, all situated inside the Fort of Karnali on the hill overlooking the river Betwa. The site was a jain centre from the 8th to the 17th century. The temples depict scenes from Jain mythology. It houses more than 2000 sculptures at one place, which is not so anywhere in the world.


Vrah Temple: The temple is dedicated to Vrah Avatar ( Incarnation) of Hindu mythology. It is situated in the forest on the bank of Betwa River. Now in ruins.


Archaeological Museum:  The museum has a fine collection of sculptures. Other attractions are Nahar Ghati, Raj Ghati, Siddha Gupha on Betwa River Bank in the forest.



By Air: The nearest airport is Gwalior-235 kms.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Jakhlaun-13 kms, which can be reached by Jhansi-Bina passenger train. Lalitpur (33 kms) is the most convenient railhead.

By Road: Deogarh is connected by road with all important centers in the region. Some of the major road distances are Lalitpur-33 kms, Matila Dam-93 kmw, and Jhansi 133 kms. 

On Request. Call +91 9891857585

On Request. Call +91 9891857585


On Request. Call +91 9891857585

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